Driver Finder and Identifier: How to Find Drivers Online

Driver Finder and Identifier: How to Find Drivers Online

Computers are very useful machines which are currently being used in all the spheres of life. These machines come with a lot of integrated hardware components—motherboard and CPU included. However, to run these different components as a unit, you will need to install their individual drivers first and there is no magic driver finder button.


Driver Finder is a great tool to easily find all your PC’s drivers
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So the question arises, what are drivers? Drivers are software programs that are required to run different hardware components in your computer. In layman terms, these drivers help your computer in communicating with different hardware components installed in it. Without these drivers, you won’t be able to operate any of your computer’s peripheral devices—simply because they will stop communicating amongst themselves.


Drivers usually come along with the hardware devices and can be found, scanned and identified by using programs like Driver Finder, Driver Scanner and Driver Identifier.

Your PC Cannot Run Without These Drivers

The following are some of the drivers without which your PC will become non-fictional.


  • Motherboard or Chipset driver

  • Sound card driver

  • Graphic card driver

  • LAN card driver

  • Modem driver

  • USB driver

  • Printer Drivers


Your PC would work slower if it does not have certain drivers installed on it. For instance, the motherboard or chipset driver is one without which your PC is not going to run properly. The chipset is an important hardware component which manages most of the external components—like printers, fax machines– that are connected to the PC and hard to detect by a driver finder.

The Chipset


Finding the correct motherboard drivers is essential to your PC’s operating systems performance

Without the chipset working properly, you won’t be able to pair any of the devices with your PC. If you are unable to find the chipset driver required for your motherboard then you can make use of a program called, Driver Finder. This program is going to help you in finding the right driver for your motherboard; it does so by checking the operating system you are using and the name of the chipset’s manufacturer.

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Sound Card Driver

The Sound card driver is responsible for managing the sound devices that are connected to your PC—namely the speakers and headphones. If the sound card driver has not been installed then these devices are not going to work. As a result, you won’t be able to listen to any media files playing on your computer—including that Lady Gaga song you’re crazy about.


Graphic Card Driver



Graphics card drivers are some of the most updated of all computer hardware

The Graphic card driver manages the graphical output and display of your PC. If this driver is not installed properly, then your computer is not going to be able to run high resolution graphics—-plus, you will be stuck with a very low resolution display. Moreover, without the graphic card working properly, you will also not be able to play any games on your computer as well. If you’re a computer gamer there’s nothing worse than that! Really.


The Driver Scanner program can help you in finding the right graphic card driver that is compatible with your graphic card.


LAN Card driver

The LAN or Local Area Network card driver is responsible for managing the internet connections. If this driver is installed correctly then the LAN card is going to work properly— and you will be able to connect to the internet without any fuss.

Modem Card drivers

Lan and modem card drivers must be installed to access the internet

However, if this driver is not installed or is missing than your LAN card won’t work, and as a result, you will have no internet access.


Modem Driver

The Modem driver manages the modem that is connected to your PC. The modem is a device that is primarily used for connecting to the internet in the absence of a dedicated internet connection. If this driver is not installed on your PC, then your modem is not going to work and connecting to the internet could become a problem for you.


USB driver



The majority of PC’s are able to scan and find USB drivers automatically

The USB driver is responsible for managing the serial ports of the computer. These ports are used by the USB-enabled devices for connecting to the PC. Without the USB driver, the serial ports of your PC won’t work, and hence it would be impossible for you to connect your PC to a device, using USB port. Making use of the Driver Identifier program can help you in finding and installing the USB driver on your PC.


Finding Drivers for Your PC

The following are some of the drivers that you get when you buy your PC. They usually come in a CD format.

  • Chipset Driver

  • Sound Card Driver

  • Graphic Card Driver

  • LAN Card Driver

  • Printer Drivers


When you buy a PC you get a CD along with it which contains the basic drivers that are required for running its various hardware components. The CD you are going to get is most likely going to have the drivers of the Chipset (motherboard), sound card, graphic card and LAN card included in it.


The rest of the devices that you buy— in addition to your PC— like webcams, printers or scanners would come with their own individual drivers; these would have to be installed separately to get each of those devices working. This can be done manually or you could use a driver finder software.


What If You Lose Access to Your PC Drivers

The following things can happen if you lose access to your PC Drivers.

  • Your PC is going to slow down.

  • You won’t be able to listen to media files or play games.

  • You will lose your connection to the internet.

  • Your keyboard or mouse might not respond.

  • You won’t be able to connect a USB-enabled device to your computer.



How to Find Drivers Online and Use a Driver Finder


The following are some of the methods that you can use for finding drivers online.


  • Make use of Search Engines


  • Visit Support Forums


Search engines are the best source to find drivers online. Just type the name of the driver you are looking for—- along with the name of the device you’re using—and you are going to find a list of websites from where you can download and install your driver, with apparently a click of the mouse.


However, make sure to download your driver from a reputable website only, after scanning it with an antivirus program. This is important because there is still a possibility that the driver files might contain a virus or malware that ends up infecting your system. There are Support Forums available online that can be visited to learn more about compatible drivers as well. You can get helpful information and links to driver downloads from these forums.


Thus, drivers are extremely important for running a PC properly. If you want to find the drivers for your hardware devices that are compatible with your Operating System then you must make use of programs like Driver Finder, Driver Scanner and Driver Identifier.

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