Jimmy Johns Credit Card Breach

Jimmy Johns Credit Card Breach

September 24th 2014 – The sandwich franchise Jimmy John’s confirmed Wednesday that hackers had gained access to customer credit and debit card data from and estimated 216 of its stores. This seems oddly too familiar when considering the latest breaches such as the Home Depot hack or Targets credit card breach.

Jimmy John’s was founded in Champaign, Illinois, and has about 2,000 locations nation wide. Jimmy John’s said the cards impacted were all of the cards used directly at the stores, and not the ones entered online or manually. They did not give firm numbers on how many credit cards were stolen in the hack, but said its investigation is currently ongoing and it is, as of this week, safe to use credit and debit cards at its JJ locations.

A hacker stole user names and passwords from credit card readers at corporate and franchised stores between June 16 and Sept. 5 of this year, as stated to date. They discovered the breach initially on July 30 and hired network security professionals to aid in its investigation.

Key Credit Card Breach Facts


Common sense is often the best security software.

  • The 216 stores were hacked which represents about 11% of all Jimmy John’s locations.


  • Jimmy John’s says that it learned of the breach back on July 30, around the same time that KrebsOnSecurity.com reported on the investigation.


  • Much like other recent hacks, the Jimmy Johns breach did not impact customers who paid online; only those who used their credit and debit cards at the cash register were compromised.


  • They are offering free identity protection services to customers who ate at one of these locations for 12 months.


Credit Card Breaches on the Rise in 2014

As 2014 slowly comes to an end POS related malware breaches seem to be at an all-time high. In the first half of 2014 POS malware alone has increased by 79 percent. This means that more and more credit and debit cards are stolen every day. With each new hack comes a sharp rise in fraud, identity theft and a whole slew of consumer protection issues.

Malware Prevention Tips


malware prevention tips

Simple security steps save lots of time & money!

There are several easy ways to bolster your home security and stay protected from the myriad of malware and virus on the internet today. No tool is greater at helping you then your own BRAIN!

  • Never download suspicious files even over social networks unless expected and from trusted friends.


  • Always double check the sender of an email before reading the attachment.


  • Consider installing a plug-in like Noscript to prevent JavaScript based attacks.


  • Preform regular scheduled scans with a program like spyhunter 4 or a registry cleaning tool.


Lasting Effects from the Jimmy Johns Hack

This may just seem like a consumer facing issue and it certainly does create many problems for the everyday sandwich hopeful. The unseen damage is when the brand like Jimmy John’s has to deal with massive backlash and sometimes they even incur fines from regulatory boards.

Ultimately it is up to the companies to protect their users’ data. I suppose the question is when will be enough. What will be the tipping point for change in the thought process about how companies secure our data?

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