Stuxnet Comes Back to life in Russia

Stuxnet Comes Back to life in Russia

Security experts on Monday confirmed that a disastrous new cyberattack has compromised the computer systems of over 1,000 organizations in 84 countries. Dubbed “Energetic Bear,” the Stuxnet-like malware is largely targeting energy and utility companies. It’s almost certainly from Russia.

The malware’s capabilities give us more reasons to be worried. The two main components of the attack include the use of remote access tool type malware that gives the attackers the ability to access information on the victim’s computer networks as well as to steal data, collect passwords, take screenshots, and even download and run files.

In effect, it sounds like they could take control over entire utility systems. Symantec, the makers of the Norton suite, says the malware’s “main motive appears to be cyberespionage” but doesn’t mention any major shutdowns. The company now has fixes in place for its customers.

However, more frightening is that this malware seems to be state sponsored.

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