Best Malware Removal Tool of 2014

Best Malware Removal Tool of 2014

What is the best malware removal tool of 2014? Here is what industry leaders have to say about PC protection and malware removal in 2014

#1 Winner: SpyHunter (direct download)

Official Website:

Our first Expert is Miss Sarah Khan from Brooklyn NY. She has over 10 years of experience in the IT Security industry working for both private and government contractors. She sent us an email as soon as she heard about our 2014 malware removal guide being released.

“SpyHunter 4 is simply the most efficiant and cost effective piece of malware removal software to come out…EVER”. We checked into SpyHunter for ourselves and upon seeing the independant tests as well our own internal review. SpyHunter is not just helpful but 100% neccisary in 2014.

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Tested & Validated by West Coast Labs SpyHunter is certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification program, a highly regarded independent security and product testing service.

 Sarah Khan | Best Malware Removal LLC

Spyhunter 4 has the latest in malware removal technology. It detects removes and blocks malware, worms, adware, cookies, trojans, keyloggers and other malware.


  • PC will run like the day you bought it
  • Excellent ratings from independent labs.
  • Very good score in hands-on best malware removal test.
  • Accurate phishing protection. Useful bonus tools.
  • Automated back ups to a secure location
  • SpywareHunter (Direct Download)

Spyhunter actively removes and protects against malware to reach core protection features: system scan, malware help desk and system guard. Spyhunter system scan is a first line defense against malware which has already infiltrated your PC.

System Scan is a multilevel analysis process to group scanned items into three distinct categories . Spyhunter’s advanced filtering algorithm uses a combination of white listing, black listing and heuristics to identify even the most recently discovered threats, and remove malware, in less than a minute.


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“SpyHunter is the #1 choice from basic to advanced users!”

 NNBC 6 New York – “Best free to low cost anti virus that has one of the best malware removal features that has come out in 2014. With the rise of malware based virus’s this year Spyhunter is a no brainer if you need to remove malware today.”


Bottom Line:

The independent testing authority at West Coast Labs gave top marks to Spyhunter (2014). It was the clear winner and #1 pick for’s Best Malware Removal Tool in 2014.


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2014 Best Malware   Removal SoftwareDIRECT DOWNLOAD


The problem with this malware is that many people don’t have backups of their data. Even if they do, some are lazy and would rather pay the ransom instead of restoring from backups, in cases of ransomware. The fact that so many people are paying the ransom just ensures that they keep it up since it’s so profitable. This is why having a malware removal tool like Spyhunter is so important. AUTOMATED BACKUPS PEOPLE!!!


Sarah Recommends | SpyHunter | Scan Now


download spyhunter




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Matt Feindman | Remove Malware Analysts Int.

#2 Favorite: F-Secure 2014


f secure review


  • Layout, user flow, and functionality are organized to stay out of your daily PC routine so you can go about your session with one less thing to worry about.
  • Installation was light and quick; F-Secure took just a few minutes and it doesn’t ask about any toolbar offers or extension add-ons.
  • Indicates malware before an accidental download.
  • Constantly checks to make sure all programs are legitimate and non-malware copies.

 “UNC Head of IT Security – F-Secure is able to give us the best PC secruity, virus removal and USA best malware protection available on the market. Not only are they totally secure but also blazing fast!”

Bottom Line:

F-Secure Internet Security 2014 remains a high-performing, unobtrusive security suite and continues its excellent low-system impact, stringent protection combination and best ways to remove malware. F-Secure is right alongside Kaspersky when in comes to being the best malware removal tool.

Matt Feindman – Anti-Virus Engineer

Most kinds of malware have been growing more and more popular, I think. Traditional desktop RATs (ones similar to Backorifice or Sub 7) are probably the only family that’s been decreasing in popularity.

Ad-ware and toolbars however are running rampant in 2014. Studies show that 85% of PC users will install malware at least 20 times per year. These are PC users that consider themselves advanced.

And as Senda Forshan said, addressing the state of malware in 2014: “Anti-virus and anti-malware applications are now 100% essential. Without protection its not a matter of if it is when will you be infected.”

 Matt Recomends | F-Secure 2014 30% Off

More ways to remove malware and best malware removal in 2014:

Blake Shide – Malware Protect Connect

I see that in 2014 malware will be on the rise. I think this malware and virus removal industry as a whole is going to continue to grow exponentially. Here is the way I got into the netsec field.

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Ive taught myself everything I need to know to do decent static analysis. I’m still a beginner, but learn more everyday. I’m a networking student i.e. no programming other than high level scripting, no low level understanding of operating systems, no understanding of encoding, and no understanding of advanced maths.My starting level was literally 0.Ill tell you exactly what my path of learning was.1)buy the practical malware analysis book.

2)read the first few chapters(basic static and dynamic analysis)

3)get to the “A crash course in assembly” chapter. In my case I couldnt even understand a single x86 instruction. This chapter is a crash course, so this was not clear enough for a beginner like me. I spent a few weeks reading many websites for x86 guides. The amazing thing I discovered was that assembly is terribly easy to understand. The main problem is that all sources I found were boring or over complicating things(maybe because of my lack of low level understanding..).

4) At this point I was able to read assembly. I found an amazing video series: This video series taught me how to recognize high level programming structures in assembly(this obviously makes malware analysis a lot easier). After you fully understand the bomb.exe exercises(Now I think about it, I may have only done day 1 of the series) from the video series, you are at a competent level for reverse engineering.

5) Continue reading the book. You will learn about more about disassembler(IDA pro) and debuggers (Ollydbg and Windbg).

6)To practice debugging, I spent a few weeks doing “crackme’s”. These are little cracking challenges. Try not to use IDA pro at all for these.

7) At the moment I’m creating programs in C++ using the windows API. And at the same time learning more about cryptography(by creating decoders/decryptors in C++ and assembly).

Of course your path will be different, but I hope this step-by-step guide will give you a general idea.

Ryan Sells – EEF

I believe mobile malware will be on the rise in 2014. There are many issues with IOS 7 and it will be the most coveted target to drop malware onto. It turns out Apple made a ton of very significant changes in iOS 7. So many that they have upended how we think of the platform. This paper digs into the philosophy behind Apple’s choices, details the security options, and then provides a detailed spectrum of approaches for managing enterprise data on iOS. It is 30 pages but you can focus on the sections that matter to you.

Senda Forshan – 2014 Malware Watch Assoc.

Rogues softwares claiming that multiple infections have been detected on the computer and purchase the full version to remove. Eg: Winwebsec, FakeRean.

ZeroAccess. No GUI, but uses your computer resources for bitcoin mining malware

In my experience, about 70% seems to fall under rogue category and about 20% falling under ZeroAccess. Other malware make up the rest. But there could be Zbot and similar malwares contributing more which I am not aware.

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