A Guide On How To Uninstall Mcafee

A Guide On How To Uninstall Mcafee

Having a strong anti-virus software installed on your computer is important. This is true not only for a Windows based computer but for a Mac as well. However, you generally can only have one fully operational anti-virus software running on the computer at once. Anything more and the two may begin to interfere with each other’s ability to function properly. That is why, if you currently have McAfee Antivirus and want to switch to a different program, you need to know how to uninstall McAfee from your computer.

What Does Mcafee Do?

Mcafee can be installed on different devices

In terms of anti-virus titles out there, few can compete with the name recognition of McAfee. It is widely known as not only one of the most used anti-virus programs on the market, but it is also one of the most known. The company makes anti-virus programs for both Windows and Mac computers, offering similar protection from external threats, such as malware, viruses, adware, spyware and a host of other unwanted phishing files and programs looking to siphon important information from your computer.

Works on Both Windows and Mac

mcafee set up on windows

The Windows and Mac operating systems run differently. Windows is more open-ended and designed as a base operating system that can be then installed on a computer. Manufacturers may often add varying applications and features to the computer before delivery of the system. However, because every manufacturer is a little different, it affects how the software works.

With Mac, Apple designs both the computer and the operating system. This creates a more secure user experience as the OS can wrap around the hardware and use everything like a glove. There are fewer open access points for viruses to push into, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for a virus to sneak onto the computer. In fact, this is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding Mac computers.

How Viruses End Up On Your Computer

Viruses can affect the files on Your Computer

There are several ways viruses and undesirable files can end up on your computer system. Some files will poke and probe around your computer’s firewall to look for possible weaknesses. If the malware can work its way through the opening, it will. From there it might latch onto system files, camouflaging itself so it looks like an authentic file, all while stealing keystrokes, passwords, log-in information, credit card numbers and other data you do not want getting out. Because MacOS is created by Apple for Apple products, there are fewer security holes here.

However, the most common problem that leads to viruses and malware on computers, both in the consumer and commercial worlds, is by opening an email that is infected or following a link within an email that is corrupt. This is the old Trojan Horse method of pretending like an email is from Apple or Google, only to sneak attack your computer from the inside (this should not be confused with the Trojan Horse virus that hit computer systems hard about 20 years ago).

Because anyone can open up an infected email on either a Mac or Windows computer, both can be infected. Due to this, you need to protect both computers, which is why both Windows and Mac computers require some kind of anti-virus software in place. If you are using McAfee as this anti-virus program but you dislike it, or want to switch to something else, you need to know how to uninstall McAfee.

Problems You Have with a Mcafee Install

Problems You can encounter with a Mcafee Installation

There are a few issues you might run into when attempting to run McAfee, which is why you may want to know how to uninstall McAfee. For starters, if you have another anti-virus software on your computer it will not function correctly. The firewalls will cause more problems than giving you two lines of defensive walls. The programs will often identify each other as a potential threat and work to remove key files from the other software. All of this will run into a big mess if you let the two programs continue on, which is why you need to remove one.

Other times, you may have a pop-up window that says “incompatible Applications.” This is more common on Mac based computer systems. Sometimes other applications already installed on the computer are incorrectly identified and cataloged, this can cause the issue with the Incomparable application. Some error messages might also state “Conflicting Enterprise Application.” Whatever the reason, you need to follow these steps for how to uninstall McAfee.

How to Uninstall Mcafee

warnings on How to Uninstall Mcafee​

When you want to remove McAfee and are looking for ways at how to uninstall McAfee, you need to keep in mind that the removal process for your Windows computer differs slightly from the removal process of a Mac computer. By following the instructions for your specific operating system you’ll be able to remove the anti-virus software. Just make sure you replace it with something else. You don’t want to leave yourself exposed by not having anti-virus protection up and ready on your computer.

Windows Computer

notifications on how to uninstall mcafee successfully

If you’re running a Windows Computer, you want to click the “Start/Windows” button in the lower left corner of the screen. From there type in “Programs and Features.” When the window with all the installed programs appears, choose “McAfee.”

Right-click the McAfee software listing, then choose “Uninstall.” This will load an uninstall wizard onto your Mac computer. This should completely remove the software from your computer system after you follow the provided prompts.

You may need to restart your computer. If you restart your computer and the software is still there, you’ll need to take the removal process a step further. From time to time, depending on your operating system release and the computer manufacturer you’re using McAfee may not come off right away (if it came pre-installed on your computer there’s a good chance it won’t be removed right away).

When this happens you want to download the McAfee removal tool. This is provided at the McAfee website. Just select the McAfee software and then choose the “Updates and Downloads” section on the website. Scroll through the available options and then choose to download the McAfee Removal Tool. This will download as an executable file (.exe). Open it up and allow it to run. It will then walk you through the rest of the process for deleting McAfee.

Uninstall From Mac

how to uninstall mcafee for mac users

If you have McAfee installed on your Mac computer and you’re interested in how to uninstall McAfee, you need to follow this set of instructions.

First, you can uninstall the software using the Terminal feature. You can’t just click and drag the icon from the dock or from within “Applications” into the trash can. You need to go a step further to make sure all the program files are gone. If you don’t, much of the program will remain behind. Some of these files will be cleared away over time, others will remain, clogging up your hard drive and slowing your computer down.

Open Terminal (you can type “Terminal” into search if you’re not sure where to locate it). Now, type in your admin information. If, for example, your name is Sam and you’re logging in, you’ll want to type in:

login admin [sam][/sam]

(Replace Sam with your login admin name).

You’ll now want to type in the uninstall code to bring up the real uninstall wizard. To do this you’ll want to type in:


Or, if you’re using version 5.0 or better you must type in


Press “Enter” on your computer to load the uninstall wizard. Follow the prompts given to you by the computer and then, when the removal process has finished, restart your computer.

Download App Cleaner

Download App Cleaner when installing mcafee

If you don’t want to go into the code of the computer system, you can try something more user friendly. Download App Cleaner from the App Store on your Windows computer. Now, launch the software and choose the “Remains Tab.”Now, select McAfee and all associated files from the list. From here, allow the App Cleaner application to run and to isolate the files you want gone. Once this is done the software will then delete everything. Now, when you restart the computer you will not have the McAfee icons popping up on the screen to greet you upon booting up.


how anti-virus software installed looks like onto your computer

It is very important for you to have an anti-virus software installed onto your computer. This will help protect your system from external threats and safeguard your data. However, you can only have one anti-virus software fully operating at once. If you have several programs up and running the varying firewalls will bump into each other and the system scans may flag one another. McAfee is a world leading software designer for anti-virus programs. However, if it is not able to meet your needs or if you’re looking for something a bit different for your computer, you need to know how to uninstall McAfee. By following these steps on how to uninstall McAfee, you’ll be able to remove the program whenever you want.

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