How To Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

How To Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

Android smartphones have grown increasingly powerful in recent years. These phones are now as powerful as computers from a few years ago. Additionally, they now share many of the same quirks as computer systems due to the connection to the internet, such as pop-ups and malware. Now, a pop-up advertisement on your mobile phone isn’t necessarily a sign of any kind of malware on your device and may be part of the app itself. Regardless of their origin, pop ud ads can be annoying or potentially unsafe. In order to understand how to stop pop up ads on Android you will need to follow these instructions.

What Are Pop Up Ads on Android?

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Pop up ads on Android are similar to the pop-up advertisements you see on your computer. You may be on a website, click the “back” button and then have an advertisement appear on the screen. Other times the ad may just appear while in the middle of your browsing experience. With your Android device there are a few reasons why such an ad might appear on your screen. If you find the ads annoying or the advertisements are taking you out of your user experience, you need to know how to stop pop up ads on Android.

Adware Advertisements

Android pop up ads usually come in two different forms. The first is an adware advertisement. This is where the ad will pop up at any time on your mobile device. You might have your home screen up and a pop up appears. Or you might be in different programs and an advertisement appears, regardless of what you’re doing. If pop ups appear no matter what you’re running on the device or what application you have open, it means you have adware on the phone and you need to remove it. There are specific instructions for how to stop pop up ads on Android when it comes to this kind of ad.

App Ads

The second kind of pop up, which is the most common form, is when it is an app based pop up. App designers will look for a number of ways to make money. In some instances a user pays for the download. For free apps there are ads built in in order to pay the designers for their time. There are a number of ads you might find running on these kinds of free apps. Some are banner ads that run at the top or bottom of your mobile phone screen. Others are pop up ads that appear over the screen image and you need to exit out of the ad to continue. Some ads even have timers so you can’t close out the ad until the timer has finished. There are different instructions for how to stop pop up ads on Android with regards to these ads.

Significance of Stopping Pop Up Ads on Android

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There are a number of important reasons you need to know how to stop pop up ads on Android. We outline some of these reasons below:

Data Usage

First, unless you’re on unlimited data, these ads drain your data usage. In fact, you may find that advertisements popping onto the mobile phone’s screen siphon away more data than your actual applications. You can have a podcast app where you’ve already downloaded the podcast using Wi-Fi, but the pop ups will take up data. So one of the main reasons you want to remove pop ups is to save on data space.

Device Performance

The next reason you need to know how to stop pop up ads on Android is to improve device performance. These advertisements, especially when it is in the form of adware, will bog down the operating system and cause it to run slowly. The files will likely clear when you restart the device as the short-term cache is cleared out. However, it still affects how well your device works.

Malware and Spyware

Adware, beyond affecting your user experience, may allow additional unwanted files onto your device, including malware and spyware. These programs may steal your user information, log-in credentials, and other data that you want to keep safe. Due to this, you need to know how to stop pop up ads on Android.

How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android

The exact method for removing pop up ads on your Android device will hinge on the kind of pop up you’re dealing with. If the pop ups are app based, you’ll need to follow one set of instructions for how to stop pop up ads on Android. If, on the other hand, the pop up ads are adware based, there is another set of instructions for how to stop pop up ads on Android.

App Based Pop Ups

If the pop up ads are app based, you have two options for removing the ads from your device: delete the app or buy the full version. You can go into the settings on Android and adjust some individual application data settings, but if ads are built into the app, there isn’t much you can do about that.

If you’re not in love with the app, you can likely find an alternative that doesn’t have advertisements, or that has ads that are less intrusive. Other times, you can go into the settings and switch the pop up ads to banner ads. This takes care of the pop up, but banner advertisements usually take up more data, so this may not be the solution you’re interested in.

If you want to rid the device of the pop up ads but you don’t want to get rid of the application, you’ll need to buy the app. Chances are you can purchase the full version for less than a few dollars. In the long run that’s not a bad price for an application. If you’re paying for individual data usage, such as if you have the Google Project Fi mobile plan, you’ll save money in the end by not using the data and spending just a few dollars on the application.

Adware Based Pop Ups

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If the pop up ads appear on your mobile device regardless of what application you have running, or if you even have that particular application, you need an adware and antivirus application installed. This kind of app will scan over your mobile device, flag the unnecessary files, and remove the content from your device. Even if you don’t have adware on your device, it is still a good idea to have an antivirus program on your phone. As it connects to the internet, often over unprotected Wi-Fi networks, you need to protect yourself. Antivirus programs provide you this additional protection.

First, you’ll need to download the antivirus software to your mobile phone. Go into Google Play and search for antivirus applications. You’ll find a good number of excellent apps. Go over the applications with the highest user ratings that are recommended by Google, and select one that has a malware/adware scan feature built into it. You can find a number that are free and a handful of others that might cost a few dollars. Again, with the free apps, you’ll likely have some advertisements, or at the very least, some of the features will not be included.

Once the application has finished downloading, you’ll need to continue on with the next step of how to stop pop up ads on Android. This is to run the system scan. Depending on the size of your phone’s storage this may take a few minutes. If you have a microSD card inserted make sure to scan over this. The microSD card is often not targeted for virus and malware scans, which is what makes it a desirable location to install unwanted files.

After the scan has finished, tell the application to delete all identified files. It will not remove files you need or want to save, ike images. Instead, it will delete the adware, malware, and other files that you do not want on the phone. You may also want to run a system cache clean, which clears out temporary phone files. Once you have finished with the scan and cache removal, you’ll find that your phone runs faster and smoother than it has in a while. You also won’t have the pop up ads appearing on your device.


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You should never be forced to pay for data you are not intending to use. That is the case with a pop up ad. Unless you have unlimited data, you’re literally paying for the advertisement. That’s money out of your pocket for advertisements you don’t want. Even if you’re forced to pay a few dollars for the app, doing so will save you money in the long run. In other instances, you need to know how to stop pop up ads on Android if the ads are adware. Whatever the kind of advertisement, or what Android device you’re running, you need to follow these instructions for how to stop pop up ads on Android. It will improve your user experience, speed up your phone, and save you money.

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