How To Backup Computer Files For Mac the Secure Way

How To Backup Computer Files For Mac the Secure Way

Backing up computer files is important for all Mac users. Although many users find this process somewhat daunting and mundane; it is required to prevent inevitable data-related issues. A backup is useful for instances when an account is hacked, a hard drive malfunctions, or a laptop is stolen. In most cases, there is not a definite way to avoid these scenarios. Many users find out the hard way that it is only a matter of time before one of these circumstances actually occurs. This does not suggest a user should live in fear of a digital misfortune; it just means that users should take the time to backup important files. Contrary to popular belief, the process is considerably easier than most users think.

The most important aspect to backup Mac computer files is to understand the different methods. Identifying the different ways to backup Mac computer files will help the user select the most appropriate method for their specific need. The first step is to research different me

backing up mac files

Apple makes cloud back ups nice and easy for mac based computers.

thods that include storage devices, hardware, software, and the cloud. Although these are all suitable methods to backup files, it is important to use the storage option with the most reliability and advanced system. There are also specific rules to consider to backup computer Mac files.

Rules for backing up Mac files include:

• Rule 1 – Ensure there are backups of all the files of all the partitions
• Rule 2 – Have multiple backups of the files on different storage and hardware devices
• Rule 3 – Leave at least one backup on an offsite device to protect against malware, burglary, malfunction, hackers, fire, etc.
• Rule 4 – Transfer the most valuable files to CD/DVD and archive the data periodically

The Cloud for Mac

Backing up files using only an external drive offers a peace of mind; however, using a single backup computer Mac option is not an effective solution. Most users have one “onsite” backup option such as an external drive and one “offsite” backup option such as The Cloud. An offsite backup is useful and is an effective option to combat theft, fire, or malfunction.

Keeping a copy of files in the cloud is a good idea. Currently, there are multiple services that provide space on a server for a monthly subscription. It is important to remember to check the privacy policy of any service prior to signing up. CrashPlan+ Unlimited is a popular cloud option. This service is affordable and has impressive features. This service uses an enhanced 448-bit encryption which offers increased protection against hacks. Although CrashPlan offers an unlimited storage capacity, it does not sync Apple devices like the popular iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud

mac backup icloud by apple
For Mac users, Apple offers the free iCloud service which provides 5GB of backup space. This service also offers other innovative features that include contact syncing, calendar, pictures, music, and many more. The iCloud service is an appealing option for Apple users with multiple iOS devices. iCloud is an effective way to backup files, documents, and calendars. More importantly, this service can sync various resources across multiple Apple devices.

Mac Hardware

Currently, Mac files are stored on various storage devices and hardware. This type of hardware includes an additional internal drive, an external drive, or even the outdated CD/DVD option. Basic external drives include Thunderbolt, USB, and FireWire. These options are considerably affordable and offer impressive availability.

External Drives

External drives are an ideal option to use as a backup system. There are several different types of external drives available on the market. Portable external drives are the most popular and these storage options can include hard drives. These drives do not offer massive amounts of space; however, they are designed for easy transport and offer an effective, long-lasting backup drive.

There are also external drives that utilize 3.5-inch desktop drive. Although this storage option offers increased storage for less money, these devices do not offer portability. More importantly, a 3.5-inch desktop drive is not designed to endure strong vibrations.

When considering using hardware to backup Mac files, the best option is generally based on the user’s budget. For the most part, users should purchase hardware for its quality rather than its storage capacity. This is primarily a result of the ability to add more capacity later.

A few of the options of an external drive backup include:

• Users can use external drives to repair internal drives
• External drives can be erased and reversed
• The drive can be cloned to another computer or another external drive
• Users can use the external drive to can access files on any computer


Apple Time Machine

apple time machine
Mac users find Apple’s Time Machine software extremely valuable. This software is included with every OS since the 10.5 version. Time Machine requires users to designate the relevant drive and enable encryption. This useful software offers a full system backup option. Time Machine is used by Mac users to restore the entire system as well as individual data. In some cases, this is considerably useful when the internal hard drive malfunctions. Time Machine also backup Mac files incrementally which helps manage older files.

In terms of software, there are other solutions which include Carbon Copy Cloner, DropBox, and SuperDuper. However, these options concentrate on saving “system images” rather than comprehensive data. Additionally, these software options do not provide the innovative User Interface of the Time Machine software or easy automation features.

Time Machine has several strengths and advantages; however, Time Machine is not a perfect backup option for Mac users. It offers reduced customization and redundancy capability. Although these are a few drawbacks, Time Machine is a high-quality piece of software. Overall, Time Machine has increased functionality that allows the user to set up the software and let it run autonomously.

Backing up Macs Overview

For Mac users, it is important to have an effective method of backup for files. In the current digital age, there is an environment created by impermanence. Simply put, users change devices on a consistent basis. For that reason, users require a reliable method of transferring and transporting data. As computers continue to increase functionality and online services improve storage ability, file backup will continue to have significance. The ability to backup and transfer data is considerably important for many Mac users. When considering backing up data, it is important to decide on a solution that fits individual need. It is also best to identify the solution that is affordable yet cost effective. Whether using software or a cloud service, backing up files is a necessity for every Mac user.

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