Deerfield Web Design Company Puts Security First

Deerfield Web Design Company Puts Security First

Local Deerfield, il based company Vanderoo does not mess around when it comes to their clients security. With the recent onslaught of data breaches such as Home Depot and Jimmy John’s Vanderoo takes a security first approach. Vanderoo web design lead security engineer James Mauler stated:

“When we take on a project we break down all parts of the web application(Front-end, database, forms). From there we are able to tighten each aspect of the project and launch our clients site knowing that their code is up to date and secure.”

Web Design Secured from the Ground Up


Vanderoo’s code is all written fully secure and tested to today’s standards.

When we opened Vanderoo in our Deerfield office we decided to do things much differently than the majority of today’s modern design agencies. We decided to put our web applications security at the for front. Vanderoo has been so successful in this approach not only because of there fortified security tactics but also for their beautiful minimalist inspired designs.

“The important bullet points to remember are as follows” stated Cody Ryan CEO of Vanderoo:

  • Sanitized User Input
  • Smart Directory Permissions
  • Fully utilized and locked down .htaccess file
  • Changing default directories

“By following a few simple rules securing your website is not all that complex. Once you implement a few smart practices when it comes to security it is r harder to end up on the bad end of a credit card or personal information aimed hack.”

Vanderoo Designs for a More Secure Web

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With the recent “Heartbleed” and “Shellshock” exploits the current standard for web applications, web programming languages and SSL standards seem to be severely lacking. Vanderoo is always staying on the very cutting edge of vulnerabilities both publicly disclosed and found in-house.

When it comes to great web design that is not only beautiful but secure. Vanderoo web design is your answer.

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