What Is a DDOS Attack?

What Is a DDOS Attack?

DDOS Attack Basics

DDOS is an acronym that stands for distributed denial of service. A DDOS attack is a kind of cyber crime that requires the hacking of different computers in a large network to program them to attack a single target.DDOS attacks are also part of an overall category of hacking known as denial of service attacks or DOS attacks for short. The goal of such an attack is to take a website or other internet service offline. This is done by overwhelming that host’s resources. The website or service will then be unavailable to others wishing to use it.

DDOS attacks are performed by distributing the requests for resources over many different computers connected to the internet. The computers must be programmed to make requests from the website or service in unison. This programming can be done by the hacker alone. However, it is usually performed through the use of a virus or malware that is designed to make a computer part of the DDOS attack.

DDOS Attack Prevention and Mitigation


Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate some of the danger posed by DDOS attacks. First, you should certainly be aware of what is happening on your networks. All significantly sized networks should give the administrator the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. If you can’t notice a large increase in traffic, it is doubtful you will be able to stop a DDOS attack.

Second, you should implement security features into your network’s framework designed to prevent the kinds of traffic bottlenecks that hackers exploit in a DDOS attack. This can be done by hiring an expert to look over the different parts of your network to spot potential problems.

You also need to be aware of the different kinds of attacks that could be launched. Generally, there are three variations. This includes volume, protocol and application DDOS attacks. Volume based attacks attempt to overwhelm bandwidth directly. Protocol based attacks target load balancers and firewalls. Lastly, application based attacks target specific vulnerabilities hackers are aware of in software that may be running on a computer network such as Windows or Apache.

Overall, nearly any website, internet based service or network is vulnerable to DDOS attacks. If your IT manager is not well versed in this kind of hacking, you should probably hire an expert to help you make the proper changes in security software and protocols to prevent attacks and deal with them if they are successfully launched.

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